Vision of TLI Pedagogics

About the Vision

TLI Pedagogics is founded based on the vision to:

  • establish a new, functional holistic way of education and learning
  • create a proper understanding of a child's inherent ability to be great
  • bring forth the potential of each child in a natural and positive way
  • have greater awareness about our needs and those around us and thereby ultimately
  • act as an Education that increases our level of awareness on peace and social competence

TLI Pedagogics inspires each teacher and parent to place a "glimpse of light" into the universe of education. We invite teachers and parents to become a part of the TLI Pedagogics movement and get upgraded NOW!

Every child is born with an internal drive. Neuro-scientists know this basic idea and say that, "Each child is biologically driven!" It is born with tons of curiosity coming from deep within. It is upon the environment to either grow or kill this potential.

TLI Pedagogics uses curiosity as the key to learning. It allows a development-sensitive growth, which implies, that each child may learn in its own speed. On the long-run, this creates way more intelligent children then we would imagine.

Knowledge becomes wisdom and is integrated as a life tool.

Clear borders and guidelines along with explanations and self-study show each child the direction and softly and smoothly helps them to grow into the wonderful humans which they were meant to become.

This vision can be realized - if parents and teachers along with TLI Experts start the "Upgrade of Education" through implementation of  TLI Pedagogics - Movement!


TLI Pedagogics is a Mission!

Each Child has the right to grow naturally, freely and with no l imitations

TLI Pedagogics is also found to create conscious awareness in every person about their impact on:

  • their own lives
  • the lives of humans around them
  • business and economy
  • the environment
  • & the future society!

We invite teachers and parents to participate in our Introduction Program and to connect with the organization in their area.

TLI Pedagogics can be implemented in existing programs like:

  • Toddler playgrounds
  • Kindergartens & Pre-schools
  • Primary & Secondary School
  • Colleges, Universities
  • Teachers Training Programs
  • and other adult education

The entire Curriculum may be used as a Franchise System where

educational institutions can become partners with TLI Pedagogics in their area.

We can say that TLI Pedagogics as a transformational educational tool adds to more Peace and Democratic Understanding.

Children undergoing the TLI Program up to the age of 12 years will become intelligent, compassionate, good hearted and powerful human beings - who will be able to take on the responsibilities and achieve a positive attitude towards our future world .