The Foundation on which TLI Pedagogics is built:

Marion Hopfgartner, the founder of TLI Pedagogics started her journey to become an educationalist at the age of 19 as one of the youngest pre-school principals. Very fast she was able to understand, that the basics of education – trained in teachers collage – where only applicable to some children. Many on the other hand were left behind and not enough supported in their growth and development.

1998 was the year when she started to search and indulge in theoretical studies of neuro-science, child development, family therapies, alternative education, modern education, future, nature, need-based, situative pedagogy, as well as studies about technology in education, personal development and spiritual education. Parallel she used the practical empiric research by actively working with children in the age group 1 – 15. Besides her many business jobs she indulged during some periods up to 25 hours a week in the work with children. This holistic approach changed her perspective towards education completely and was the basis to create TLI Pedagogics.

Founder Image