The Curriculum Development

In 2012 TLI Pedagogics started to shape itself into the effective modern, innovative and holistic educational system which it is as of today.

2012 – 2014: Development of the Early Childhood Teachers Curriculum  Age  1-3 1/2 years

Release of the first two books:

- Transition from home to nursery for toddlers (German language)
 - Child - you are unique (German and English language)

2015 – 2016: Development of the Early Childhood Teachers  Curriculum Age group 3- 6 years

2017 – 2018: Development of the Curriculum for the TLI Academy and Adult Education

Release of the next two books:

- From human being to human being - education on its edge towards awakening (German Language)
 - From Heart to Heart - a heartfelt approach towards education (German Language)

2018: Development of the first 7 Modules of the TLI Parenting Program

ongoing: Development of the Curriculum for Primary School Level (Naturalistic Learning

Release of the 5th book:

- Upgrade Education - the 21 - step - program
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