TLI Pedagogics

Education is what shapes us and helps us grow. Speaking about education, we do not just mean schooling and gaining knowledge! Education is a holistic approach, which starts with the first day and ends with the last.
Meaningful education means balancing between self-awareness, social awareness, and academic knowledge. If education becomes lopsided, our society will fall sick in one or the other area.

Only if we can guarantee growth in all areas, our human society will go ahead moving towards world peace.
TLI Pedagogics is the educational bridge to a balanced growth!

Our Mission is a holistic Learning Approach that Makes learning wholesome!

A day in a TLI group:

It is morning. Children come and in the first step bond with the TLI Mentor or Guide. They shortly give feedback about their today’s feelings and what thoughts are in their minds. Then they start their own activities in play or workshop areas. During this time, the Children’s eyes have this special glow and they shine bright. We can say, that when this happens, the brain is super-active. It is the best state for learning. It shows the inner Curiosity which will be seen in all activities. Activities are mainly self-induced. Questions by TLI Mentors help them to get new ideas and start new approaches. Impulses are used by the TLI Mentors to start an internal process. Children interact with each other, discuss, study and play. Play is the ultimate learning. Children want to know more and more. Children constantly ask, play and learn!   Some of the major differences to other pedagogical and educational systems are:
  • - The environment for children up to age 3 1/2 is completely different from the environment for 
  •     children up to age 6 (we call this a development sensitive surrounding)
  • - The approaches and methodologies Mentors and Guides (in ordinary system called EC
  •     Teachers) use, are completely different ( we call this a development sensitive approach)
  • - No child competes against another. The focus is to become the best version of oneself.


During the first 12 years - children shape their personality intensely. Attending a TLI Pedagogics Program helps them build a solid and strong personality for life. It is designed to help them to prepare for the challenges. The focus is placed on helping children to use their active minds and to engage in different topics seeing the world as a place of opportunities. They learn to rely on their intuition and gained knowledge and how to connect information from different sources using it for a positive outcome. They exercise how to overcome obstacles, problem-solving, logical and abstract thinking and care for their environment, family and friend. We strongly believe that this innovative modern education should become a mainstream education of the future. It will build entrepreneurial, innovative minds paired with the sense of sustainability, social and life skills as well as strong self-esteem.


It is a development sensitive system, that knows that there is an inner impulse of learning. This inner impulse will unfold itself at the right time, when body, emotion and mind is ready for learning. When we try to enforce knowledge on a child earlier, it causes trauma and blockages, that will have a negative impact on their further learning desire.
Each child has its own speed and ways of learning. This is okay, because as the brain naturally connects neurons with each other, a Childs learning process will always be a holistic experience. The job of the TLI-Mentor is to keep the surrounding interesting?
Children make their own decisions in areas where they are competent to do so. Self- Responsibility and environmental respect is built in daily real life experiences. Children thereby learn to gradually take care and think positively of their own needs and the environment.
The group is the learning ground for social development. Skills on how to communicate and process their actions need guidance. Children learn to care about their own expression and look after others, but also keep an eye on their own needs.
In TLI Pedagogics we do not focus on learning knowledge and faculties, but rather create an independent mind, that understands. We focus on cognitive development resulting into wisdom!
Children are brought in contact with as many natural materials. They experience and understand concepts by real-life- experience!
TLI Mentors provide a surrounding that stimulates their creative mind. Solutions should not be handed to children, but found by themselves. This is true for all age groups.