Friday July 26, 2019

How education influences what we become

When referring to education, I refer to parents and teachers in the same way. Both play an important role in educating a human being. I believe, that some of them underestimate the influence they have on a child's entire life. When addressing the topic on the influence of education on a human being, I would like to start with two philosophical questions.      1.   "Who are we meant to…
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Monday July 15, 2019

Does education make our children “average”

Last week, I gave an Introductory talk on TLI Pedagogics in Delhi, India. It was an amazing event with very engaging and interested teachers and parents. During my talk I used a slide: The first slide states:                    Inborn potential + Education = Average The next slide states the same but then: crossed off the word "average". It seems that these two slides caused some misunderstanding therefore, I would like to…
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Thursday July 4, 2019

Children’s life does not need to be stressful and exhausting

The life of children does not need to be stressful serious and exhausting. It can be filled with joy, enthusiasm, and inspiration. Neuroscience nowadays knows that our brains learn way faster if they are filled with positive vibes rather than negative or depressive. Therefore, it is time to bring more joy and play into education. Education takes place in so many different parts. When addressing the topic of education we…
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Friday June 21, 2019

Child learning a second language

Dear Parents and Teachers, Prof. Dr. Novert Herkowitz and Prof. Manfred Spitzer (Germany) speak in the book "Wie Kinder denken lernen" (how children learn thinking) about a study that shows, the brain of a child starts learning grammar at the 7th month of life. In most countries this is long before they enter a school.  The brain starts to focus not on the content but rather on the structure of…
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Thursday June 13, 2019

Education – a challenge for children, parents and teachers

Children’s motivation in Learning does not need to be developed. The inner motivation or the inner drive to learn new things and to be interested in everything exists and is a basic credential for children on their way of natural development. Young children love to learn new things and are constantly working on getting to know more and more. We all know, that children gain knowledge very fast in those…
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Friday April 12, 2019

Neuro Science on the brain of toddlers

Neuro-science tells us that the brain during the first years of life absorb all surrounding experiences. This is not just true for the play material but also for the people which surround a child. In the Yales University psychologists worked on some research papers. They showed children two scenes in which one figure played the nurturing and the other figure played the suppressor. In this experiment researchers discovered that the…
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Wednesday December 12, 2018

Welcome to TLI Pedagogics

Dear Reader, Welcome to TLI Pedagogics I am happy you found your way to this website. It shows me that your interest in high-quality childhood care and naturalistic learning is high. The care for our children during the first five years of life is way too important to leave it to a chance. Many scholarly reports and scientific results point towards the need for “proper care” in the early years…
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