KOLKATA – 26 Nov – Intro – EC Teachers Training Program

Nov 26, 2019
5:30 - 7:00 PM
Venue: 99 Sarat Chatterjee Road, Barat Colony - Lake Town

Have you thought about becoming an Early Childhood Teacher or update your knowledge to the International Standards? In this Introductory, Marion Hopfgartner, founder of TLI Pedagogics and Owner of the Lelek Academy, Austria, Vienna will introduce her Teachers Training Programm which will be launched soon in India.

In this Training, workshops and tests will be attended online as well as with physical presence.
This training is only for you, if:

– you are interested in working with children and if you are willing to invest time and effort
– you want to belong to the best and be prepared to take a job at the best preschools and nursery in India
– you are already an EC Teacher and want to upgrade to reach a better income or job
– you want to bring European Standards into your preschool or nursery

With our Curriculum, you will be able to work in nursery schools, preschools, and kindergartens.
You learn the art of education.
This will be a modern and innovative way that will become mainstream in the future!

Join us in this cost-free talk and reach out to upgrade your quality!

Register at: 75959 26111 or info@tli-pedagogics.com