Delhi-COST FREE TAlk – Give children a Good Start!

Nov 13, 2019
7:00 PM - 8:30PM
Venue: India Habitat Centre, Casuarina , Lodhi Road, New Delhi

For parents and early childhood teachers!

Are you already adapted to modern and innovative education?
There is no time to wait. We have the year 2019. The new century is transforming the world and things around. Let us not sleep longer! Let us wake up and realize, that our children need a very different way of education. As parents and teachers, we can no longer play hide and seek and adapt small things.

NO! We need an upgrade! Are you ready to UPGRADE EDUCATION?

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Does modern pedagogy mean to leave the old ways behind?
Do the “old” ways don’t work anymore?
Are new ways sometimes too far out?

You want to walk the middle path!
But how?

Marion will give us information about
education in the 21t century …
why it is important to develop key competencies in a child …
how we can move towards modern education and …
why this is so important for this coming generation!

It is the right time to help
children grow into
independent, strong people!

Register at: 98105 63827 or