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Mission: Creating an environment which makes it possible for each child to unfold their unlimited potential Statement: Every child is born with tons of curiosity… Read More


The Foundation on which TLI Pedagogics is built: Marion Hopfgartner, the founder of TLI Pedagogics started her journey to become an educationalist at the age… Read More

TLI Pedagogics

Education is what shapes us and helps us grow. Speaking about education, we do not just mean schooling and gaining knowledge! Education is a holistic… Read More

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We strongly believe that this new educational system is the Entry Point to a new approach in learning, education and growing-up. TLI is created to be a bridge, that connects methodologies with modern neuro-scientific research. It builds a new foundation for future education. It’s a K12 system divided in 3 big section


TLI Pedagogics has wonderful achievements along the way. The Founder, Marion Hopfgartner was honored as an Ambassador of Peace, awarded as an international Speaker on Education as well as received a Global Leadership Award and some Awards of Honor!


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Monday July 15, 2019

Does education make our children “average”

Last week, I gave an Introductory talk on TLI Pedagogics in Delhi, India. It was an amazing event with very engaging and interested teachers and parents. During my talk I…
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Friday June 21, 2019
Dear Parents and Teachers, Prof. Dr. Novert Herkowitz and Prof.…
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Thursday June 13, 2019
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