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About Us

People connected with TLI Pedagogics are innovative, modern, alternative and excited people. They care for themselves and about what happens on this planet earth. They are critical minds, questioning their own findings as well as the process of the world. They constantly ask questions, like:
  •      - what can we do better - how can we improve every day?
  •      - what is the role of education?
  •      - what is the role of society?
  •      - what is our role in creating intelligent education?
  •      - what do children really need?
  •      - how can we combine the knowledge of science and education to know and understand more?
  •      - how can we make education a life experience for all?
  •      - how can we help parents and teachers to easily adjust to these modern times?
  •      - how can we evaluate our findings?
The target ist to help children to unfold their unique potential. We respect human rights and children's rights in the same way. Our role is to create conscious awareness about the change needed. Evolution is a constant process. Each generation brings a need for new and innovative upgrades. We need to be at the peak of the time but also rely on our gut and instinct and preserve those parts which make us human. We do not implement all that is modern, trendy and hype - we want to introduce solid and usable instruments for education in these times, addressing parents and teachers. We see the need for a holistic approach in education and are willing to work for the change. Please read:  

Our Vision

Mission: Creating an environment which makes it possible for each child to unfold their unlimited potential Statement: Every child is born with tons of curiosity… Read More


The Foundation on which TLI Pedagogics is built: Marion Hopfgartner, the founder of TLI Pedagogics started her journey to become an educationalist at the age… Read More

TLI Pedagogics

Education is what shapes us and helps us grow. Speaking about education, we do not just mean schooling and gaining knowledge! Education is a holistic… Read More

TLI Programs

  We strongly believe that this educational system is the Entry Point to a new approach in developing and education generally. The time when parents and teachers have been authorities, who lectured children the "only one and right way" - are no longer existing. Now, they become mentors, tutors and coaches who guide children in their growing-up process. TLI Pedagogics is created to be a bridge, that connects useful methodologies, new viewpoints and perspectives with modern neuroscientific research and basic knowledge in child-development. It also recognizes the importance of social awareness and environmental care as well as a strong, solid and healthy personality as the key for all. As a holistic system, our Curriculum starts with children in the early years (preferably the earliest at the age of 18 months to 2 years), guiding them throughout their growing-up process till adulthood. It is entirely based on the Lelek Philosophy, a philosophy built on the following 5 pillars:
  •     - L = Life oriented development (NOT experiential learning)
  •     - E = Enhancement of unlimited human potential (Understand your inner Strengths)
  •     - L = Learning versus Teaching (Easiness through diversity)
  •     - E = Empowering Self Learning (Collect experiences)
  •     - K = Kids-oriented acting
(If you want to understand our pillars more deeply, join our Basic Workshops. They are designed for parents and teachers and explain the concept and the philosophy in its fundamental structure. As a parent, we highly recommend you to sit through this basic training. You are a part of the quality control in a school to make sure the concepts are transmitted properly).
Our focus:
In TLI Preschools and Schools, we create a place - where children are seen as precious human beings who are allowed to grow and develop at their own speed. Our work as teachers are:
  •      - to guide them so as to be kept safe from harm
  •      - to inspire them to discover new knowledge
  •      - to lead them to more experiences and
  •      - to help them manifest their full potential!
Through our curriculum – we:
  •      - Establish self-competence and -responsibility
  •      - Empower cognitive intelligence
  •      - Grow social and environmental awareness.
  TLI Pedagogics builds a new foundation for intelligent education. It’s a K12 system divided into 3 big sections:
  •      - Preschool - till age 3 1/2 (4 years)
  •      - Kindergarten - till age 6
  •      - Primary School 1 - 6-9 (10 depending on the countries law)
  •      - Primary School 2 - 9 -11 (depending on the countries law)
  •      - individual steps may be implemented in secondary and high school


TLI Pedagogics has wonderful achievements along the way. The Founder, Marion Hopfgartner was honored as an Ambassador of Peace, awarded as an international Speaker on Education as well as received a Global Leadership Award and some Awards of Honor!


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