TLI Preschool & School

Our Curriculum is entirely based on the Lelek Philosophy,
a philosophy built on 5 pillars:

L = Life oriented development
E = Enhancement of unlimited human potential (Understand  inner Strengths)
L = Learning versus Teaching (Easiness through diversity)
E = Empowering Self Learning (Collect experiences)
K = Kids-oriented acting

This is the place - where children are seen as self-responsible human beings – which we guide and whom we help to manifest their full potential!

Through our curriculum – we:

  •     Establish self-competence and -responsibility
  •     Empower cognitive intelligence and interest based learning
  •     Reach social awareness in children
Individual care for every child is important for us –
because we see each child as UNIQUE!
To help children to unfold their full potential –
  our TLI Schools are totally child-oriented!
We combine Laugh – Play – Learn!
Because - at the end of the day, nothing is more important than realizing how priceless childhood is and what important role adults play during the first years of life.

The first five years of life are significantly shaping the child’s

  • future personality,
  • understanding of the culture of learning
  • psychic make up
  • ability of socialization
  • socio-emotional behavior
These important facts are not just recognized in our Curriculum but also well taken care through the holistic approach used in TLI Pedagogics.
To reach the best possible outcome, our teachers are trained and certified in TLI Pedagogics and methodologies used in the system. 
The transformation of the conservative teaching style is at the peak of today’s need and we at TLI Pedagogics take this demand of parents, teachers, scientists and educationalists serious.
The Basics for the Work

In TLI Schools children learn in multi-age groups.

Learning Playgrounds are provided for toddlers aged 1-4 years.
Kindergarten-groups are provided for children aged 4-6 years.
Parents are Partners in Learning
Parent involvement is one of the most important tool in providing best education. The TLI Parenting Program includes different parts i.e. parents meet parents, Q & A for parents concerns and worries, parent engagement in the classroom, , regular individual parent meetings and daily basic communication. This makes our schools a MUST-GO-PLACE for parents who want the best for their child. This does not just provide parents transparency and help but also highly effects a balanced nurturing of the child during its most important years.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in one of our TLI Environments!